Private Cupping

Private Cupping

from 10.00

Our public events often fill up, so secure a special spot with your friends & family by booking a private cupping! Get the extra attention to detail, ask all the questions & make the cupping your own.

Beauty is we offer flexible dates & time, & the same bundle options as the public cuppings.

We currently request a week’s notice
& minimum of five people!

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Private Group Cuppings are limited to ten people as the cupping process is time sensitive.  
Must add a minimum of five to the cart to confirm.

We offer three different price ranges & bundles

  • $25 Bundle gets you the cupping experience, a 12oz bag of whichever was your favorite coffee on the table, & a $10 gift card to use at our tasting room! 
  • $20 Bundle is for those who want the coffee but wouldn't use the gift card, friends or family visiting in town.  Consider getting the full bundle though as you can pass the discounted gift card along :)
  • $10 Bundle gets you in the door & the full experience of an official coffee cupping.