Four Ways To Improve Office Coffee


We totally get it...your office coffee just doesn't taste good. You might make a stop at your favorite coffee shop on the way to work in the morning or even just make your coffee at home and bring it into the office. However, when it comes to those stressful days in the office and you want another cup, it can sometimes be less than ideal to not have a good option for coffee. Most are content with what they have or accept the status quo. But that doesn't have to be the case at all. Office coffee can be improved and it is not as difficult as everybody things that it is. We have put together a list of the four crucial components that can create a positive coffee experience, no matter the location.



Coffee tastes the best when it is ground just before brewing. Traditionally, offices will either buy coffee that is pre-ground, or grind coffee in such a way that it won't extract properly. We totally understand that not everybody is a coffee expert and just wants a good cup. That is why we have tested almost every grinder to find what is best for an office. We recommend the Fetco GR 2.2. This grinder can not only grind consistently, but is also adjustable to calibrate extraction. The GR 2.2 also features portion control, dosing just the right amount of coffee for your needs. This prevents the need from the guessing game of tablespoons, buying scales, and keeping your coffee making area nice and clean. However, this is only one component of making coffee easy and enjoyable.

Fetco GR 2.2

The Fetco GR 2.2 



Most people do not think about the process of coffee in its entirety. Coffee involves the extraction of ground coffee with water. Water has a huge impact on the taste of a cup. Offices do not take this into account and the coffee is usually brewed with tap water. The perfect water for coffee extraction should be clean of heavy metals but preserve some of the minerals. A water purification system is the best solution for an office for not just coffee, but drinking water as well. They are cost effective and last for months on a single filter. As we are a tasting lab, we experiment with water regularly. The Everpure Pentair system is a water filter that is not just scaleable, but affordable. It can be your go-to system for your water purification no matter the size of the office.

Everpure Pentair

The Everpure Pentair



While every component adds up to a tasty cup, the brewing of the coffee is the make or break moment throughout the process. The best grinder and water can still be ruined by a poor extraction. Thankfully, there are coffee makers to help produce a great cup. However, not all brewers are created equal. The traditional "Mr. Coffee" method is to just simply add water to the ground coffee until the desired amount. The problem with this is that the grounds are not evenly covered with water, producing an uneven extraction. Not only does this hurt the taste of the coffee, but it is also a waste of coffee. Pour-over coffee has become increasingly popular because this method evenly extracts the coffee across all of the grounds. This methodology has been applied to higher quality brewers that can be placed in an office environment. The Fetco 2132 XTS is an office brewer that extracts coffee properly. With a shower-head design, it extracts the coffee in an even rate while avoiding the need to stand over your coffee while brewing. It also has a pre-infusion feature which essentially helps release the gasses contain within the coffee and improves the flavor in the cup. The other benefit of this brewer is that it works perfectly with your grinder. Fully programmable and versatile, it is the easiest and most efficient brewer for an office.

Fetco 2132 XTS

The Fetco 2132 XTS



Coffee is the most important decision that can be made. There are hundreds of options and many coffee roasters out there. But the quality of the coffee can differ everywhere you go. Most of the common office coffee is over roasted and sourced in the cheapest way possible. When a coffee bean is over roasted, it takes the natural flavors out of the bean, resulting in a charred taste. This has given coffee the stigma of being "bitter." Proper coffee is roasting in such a way to preserve the flavors, and to be smooth, full-bodied, and not bitter. So when choosing coffee for your office, make sure to ask where your coffee is sourced from and ask important questions such as: "Is it fair trade? Is it organic?" More importantly, does it support a cause? Our belief at Ampersand is to positively leave an impact on the world and to help women in the coffee industry who are in management positions. We choose to source our coffee with a mission behind it. If you are going to buy coffee anyway, why not support a cause?


So as you search to step up your coffee game in your office, be sure to make sure you are taking the right steps, using the right equipment, and sourcing good coffee. As the right questions when searching for coffee and become the hero in your office for providing quality coffee for everybody to enjoy throughout the workday. 

Every office is different. Depending on the number of employees and how much coffee you go through, it will change the equipment that you should have. Want to talk further about which coffee solution if best for your office? Just schedule a meeting with us and we will make sure you are looking at the right equipment.