An Open Letter About The Culture Of Coffee


Coffee is a beverage that has a storied history. Legend has it, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat herder who noticed that his older goats acted “younger” when consuming this cherry. It was taken to monks as a “magical” substance and they tossed in the fire claiming that it was blasphemy. The aroma that came from the flames was one that we are accustomed to today.


Today, coffee is the most consumed beverage in American culture. Most people rely on it at least once a day. However, between the brewing of the coffee and the energy boost that consumers receive, a community is formed. When you look at the coffee experience as a whole, it is so much more than a beverage. Business ideas get developed over cups of coffee, relationships build their foundation, and most find it as a way to take a break from their hectic lives. This beverage is so much more than just a drink that we consume.


Every walk of life consumes coffee. Regardless of social status, ethnic background, age, or gender, coffee is a universal drink that is all inclusive. At Ampersand, we believe that this inclusiveness is what makes coffee so special. The genesis of our name came from the idea that the Ampersand symbol (&) is a term of inclusion, suggesting that there is more to this drink that just the consumption of it. From the farm to the cup, we care about our coffee and the people involved every step of the way. In our tasting lab, we educate, drink, and talk about this beverage with every customer that walks through the door. Our neighborhood is not just where our customers live, but it is our home too. Character and culture is what makes this area so special and we are lucky to be a part of it. We believe in the Ampersand to our core. It runs through our veins and it fuels us everyday to make a difference in the world and to give the community a positive place to enjoy their beverage that could mean the world to someone on any given day.



Your Friends at Ampersand Coffee Roasters