Pouring Precise Cups Every Time - An Interview with Brice Young

Precision Pours

Precision Pours in Louisville has become a destination spot for true coffee lovers. With a true passion for coffee and a love for the stories behind coffee, Brice Young has converted casual coffee drinkers into specialty coffee fanatics. What is more notable when walking into the shop is the community and family feeling that it has. When you walk in as a customer, Brice and his team take the time to figure out what you may like best and make your drink a memorable one. We are incredibly humbled to know Brice and we decided that with such an incredible location and personality, it deserved a deep dive into what makes Precision Pours truly a unique and bucket list spot for coffee lovers.


Brice on bar

Write a little bio about Precision Pours

Precision Pours is a community driven cafe in Old town louisville. We started as a mobile coffee bar and have become a brick and mortar thru crowdfunding. We specialize in seasonal craft coffees from all over the world with an emphasis in excellent customer service.

What is your favorite coffee drink?

Right now I’m loving a shot in the dark. A coffee with a shot of espresso. I feel it’s the best way to get a buzz and appreciate the flavors of my coffee

What is the mission of Precision Pours?

Our mission is to provide people with the most unique and flavorful coffees in the world with no compromise in preparation.

What makes Precision Pours speciaL?

We are off the beaten path, but once you know where we are, you know. We are the only place in Colorado who defaults to a fresh brewed cup of coffee for coffee orders and we continually rotate New and exciting roasters you can’t find anywhere else

What is special about the process/enjoyment of coffee?

All the baristas at Precision undergo a strict training regimen, from register and customer service, to crafting seasonal and specialty coffees. Everyone is tested and encouraged to try new things regularly and we enjoy complex orders that make us think. By studying the local market, we can assure the best service and product possible

Why do you think having a socially conscious company like Ampersand is important?

We have always had the approach of Farm to cup, so partnering with someone as socially conscious reinforces our values as a company. We believe that a coffee with a story is a more fun coffee to drink. Ampersand does a great job with direct trade and unique coffees, which is why we love them

Where do you see Precision Pours in 5 years?

I would love to be servicing multiple neighborhoods in 5 years from now.  I want to continue to employ and empower local people.  We are planning on either moving or opening a new cafe that will enable us to accommodate and expose more people to fine craft coffees.

Where/How can more people get more involved with Precision Pours besides just coming in for coffee?

We are asking people to think outside the box, take a chance, and try what happens when great craft coffee is prepared with precision.  Ask lots of questions, enjoy your coffee, and have fun as we have since 2012

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"Live the Life"

If you happen to be in the neighborhood or are in search of a fantastic cup of coffee, Precision Pours is definitely the place to go. We feel humbled to know Brice and roast some beans that are passionately shared with the customers of Precision Pours.