Why Women?

Did you know women make up 70% of the coffee farming industry?
Women are outnumbered 10-1 in ownership of land, dominating an entire 1% of the worlds titled land.
According to this article, research directly correlates land ownership to decision making.

In the coffee farming industry, statistically women in the coffee farming industry put back up 75-95% of their income back in to their families & communities directly.
Men in the coffee farming industry however, it is as little as 15% that makes it back into their family & communities.

Ampersand’s Mission

We have partnered with some of the trail blazers of women empowerment in the coffee farming level.
For instance, CAFE FEMENINO.
They are based mostly out of latin America & South America. They work directly with different coffee communities & are focused on women’s empowerment.
In most cases this means educating men, providing safe housing, feminine supplies, child care & schooling.
Here is a story of Cafe Femenino’s impact in Peru.

What About Sustainability?

There are over 125 million coffee farmers in this world.