Private Cupping Event

Private Cupping Event

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We are opening new doors with our coffee events!

Give the gift of a private coffee cupping session to your loved one this year.
The event is just like our Public Cupping, only with your selected guests.
Valid for up to four people. Dates are flexible & event must be booked with

What’s included?
Tour of Ampersand
Introduction to Coffee & Quick History 101
An official coffee tasting to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standards, with the roasters themselves.
Each participant leaves with a 12oz bag of their favorite coffee.

Group Size:
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After purchasing this product, you will receive an email with the confirmation email that includes a print out gift certificate to hand to your loved one. You may also stop by the shop for a printed out & laminated edition of the certificate.

This gift is great for anyone interested in learning more about coffee,
anyone interested in enhancing their coffee palette,
anyone who likes to try new things.

Event lasts an hour & is at an introductory level, although private events are customized per group.