Introduction to Cupping Coffee

The sniff, slurp & taste coffee experience
coffee lovers have been waiting for!

Cupping is an official & systematic way of tasting
& assessing coffees!

We'll do quick introductions & take a peek into our roasting room.
We’ll talk a little coffee history & line up our fresh roasts.
From there the cupping is for you to enjoy & we'll teach you how it’s done.

Walk away with your favorite coffee bean & better understanding of your love for it.

“There is no such thing as a coffee snob,
only a consumer with standards.” Jason W.

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Sweet Experience (Literally)
— Chris

"Brought my mom when she was in town, She loved it!  - Sam

The cupping was fascinating & fun,
Highly recommended!
— Devon

"Left with a whole new respect for coffee!" - JoAnn